Honda motorcycle logo from the 1970's era -
This is a collaboration of me and most of my cars and bikes. There is a story behind each one, but you can imagine, good times...
My x, 1970 Honda CB-750 Four, hardtail frame, last known it was sold in OKC, Oklahoma
This was my 1985 Honda ATC 250R. It was a 310-cc, ported, Weisco piston, Boyseen reeds, 39 Mikuni carb, K&N a.f., Paul Turner pipe with an Answer S-11 Equalizer. The bottom line is: I eat shit every day for letting it go. If you have one, don't let it go -
Me and my x 1983 Honda ATC250R at LS ORV Park in April of 1985
This is me, in April of 1997 on my x 1990 Honda CR500 at Little Sahara ORV Park south of Waynoka, Oklahoma.
me and my 1985 Honda ATC250 at Glamis ORV Park, Glamis, California. This was in May of 1991; after being stationed in Saudi Arabia for Desert Shield and Desert Storm.
Me and a now cannibalized 1984 Honda CR500 converted to a three wheeler with ATC configurations
me and the same Honda CR 500. October of 1996 at Milford Lake ORV Park, Milford, Kansas.
last data transmission:
Mugen Power
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