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Rebuilding the bike to Bob's standards...
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Construction~ from start to end.
See about this nuclear holocaust, and what you can do to help prevent it...
A quick story about these F-Bodies of my past...
Coos Bay, Oregon
Federate Union homepage
Click here to see the live video of the Sturgis 2006, remember 'Freedom to all the Freedites'
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Red Dragon - America's #1 Crime
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Find out how the Elephant and the Donkey in the United States of America differ...
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What wiring?
Easy Rider, did you know that Harley Davidson refused to give Dennis Hopper HD's for the movie? And that the person who did build the bikes was a black man by the name of Ben Hardy...
As you can see, you can link to the Federate Union homepage. It's new, but it has to form as our planet becomes together. Also; you can click on the 'Crazy Horse' below, and it will link you to the live camera of this awesome sculpture. I live 11-miles 'as the crow' flies from, you ride, you understand...
Specifications of this bike:
Wheels: RC Components chrome Wizard 18" rims front and rear
Rotors: RC Components Wizard brake rotors and Sprocket
Tires: Front: Avon 130/70-18
Rear: Avon 200-18
Headlight: Cobra II w/tri bar and H-4 bulb
Wiring: Thunderheart wiring harness
Fender: Rear: Pro stock- modified by owner
Front: n/a (yet to come)
Heartland radius fender struts- polished aluminum
Turn signals: Front: Radiantz 4" amber (2)
Rear: Radiantz 6" red (2)
Forks: 4" over tubes w/ 4" over fork tins, lowers stripped and polished by owner. Upper fork tube covers designed and fabricated by owner.
Tanks: Stock split tanks, welded together by owner.
Kickstand: Low Bro Stand, modified and relocated by owner.
Radiantz L.E.D. licence plate light
Shocks: Adjustable air shocks (Not Legend)
Check out the rear lights, these are cool...
More of the rear lights.
Almost photos will be out side with paint...
I hope you don't forget what America really is and comes from; if you do ~ remember this; 'My lands are where my dead lie buried.'