Check out what this Red Draggon has to tell you; or maybe you know the reality of it all? Don't let this my x-Fody feel down. I regret the HELL of getting rid of either one; and I will be damned if I let this fact go. I've smoked good grade buds many times in both my x trucks and cars, click this if you feel me ~ because you know there is war between Good and Evil - what side are you on?
Clay's current 2004 Nissan Titan page

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My old trucks are here, the first one is "Nester" or named by a midwest Kansas trucker as "Slayer". I engraved that in my rear custum bumber, and painted the cut red on black.
Here is another place for your diesel, 'get it smoke'n'...
Come check out this black/black leather, 6-Speed, 345-hp, 1999 C-5 Coupe
This is Listens For 10,000 Years II, the original was a Toyota 2WD that had 173,000 miles on it, as I blew the motor running it dry without water from Minneola, Kansas to Omaha, Nebraska. Yes I did stop, but it kept running by itself at idle, I did add what water I had and drove it straight with no problem to Omaha that night. I went to start it the next morning and woken up the warped cylinder head 22R, 5-spd; I gave it away like a fricking sap...
I ain't no FOMOCO ha8R, This is my dad's 1949 Ford F-4 with a Badger lift 29,978-miles; and my brother 1983 Ford F-150 sporting a 9-in 3.73 gears R.E., 1974 Lincoln 460, C-6 transmission

1976 Chevrolet K-20 3/4-ton 4WD
SM-465 transmission (4-spd man.)
New Process 205 transfer case
HD clutch
GM Corporate 14-bolt, 4:11 rear end
Dana 44, 4:11 front end
Warn lock-out hubs
Pro Comp 315/75R16 tires
Hella 500 driving lights
Heavy Duty front-end guard
2 front tow hooks
HD 'headache rack' with 6 mounted latches and 6 2x4-in posts

Slayer after it's bitchen paintjob a year, sweet! This truck got it's name from a trucker heading south on highway 83 north of Dodge City, Kansas. I have 'Slayer' engraved on my rear made bumper because I needed to reduce the grindstone for a engine crank repair, no, it didn't last here to enlarge this picture.
Clay's Z/28's here...
As stated above, the Juice and Attitude is a MUST for your diesel, here is the home site for it...
This is my current Chevy; it's a 1984 Blazer K-5 Silverado package with a 350-ci, 700R4 4-spd automatic and a NP-208 transfer case.

Listens For 10,000-Yrs II

1979 Chevrolet K-20 3/4-ton 4WD
SM-465 transmission (4-spd man.)
New Process 205 transfer case
HD clutch
GM Corporate 14-bolt, 4:11 rear end
Dana 44, 4:11 front end
Spicer lock-out hubs
Pro Comp 315/75R16 tires
flat bed, 5th wheel hitch
Hella 500 driving lights
Heavy Duty front end guard
2 front tow hooks
HD 'headache rack' with 6 mounted latches and 6 2x4-in posts

This was my brother's 1999 C5, this photo was taken at the same spot the Camaro was; in a different season, in a different view location at a different time...
This is my 1984 K-5, the roof is off here. I just replaced the transfer case, and am testing it here to enlarge this picture.
This was me with a serious contender; 1990 Chevrolet Impala that was a South Dakota Highway Patol Car. It had the LT1 350 V-8 with a suspension and brake package; it was fun, smooth and fast. I have thousands of miles driving a BMW 7-series, and for an American car to ride this well is good. If you see those Caprices, get it! they are becoming a classic car, because it is...
The world of MOPAR; is right here...
Welcome to this Chevrolet page. This page goes over the Chevrolet's that I did and still have one; + points for interstellar transmissive travel~ to someday coincide with this planet, in our solar system, Earth.

I am selling my 1984 Chevrolet K5 Blazer, here is a link to it on the photo.
This is my twin brother working his Dodge Cummins out. It is a 1996 12-valve diesel automatic with AFE 4" exhaust, expanded fuel plate and a K&N cold air intake system.
This is the K-5 with the top on...
Nismo Headquarters
Nissan HDQR
Nismo HDQR
Chevrolet F-Body 'Oncelers' that I used too own...
These are Perry's GMC 3500's, the right 2005 replaced the left red 2004. GMC/Chevrolet, it's all Apple Pie...
Chevrolet F-Body 'Oncelers' that I used too own...
This is getting to the 'Last of the Mohicans' as this was the last spring, Nester lived.
Enough of the'psycho babble', This page has some data for you~ that you might mind interesting. Thanks for linking, and here is some information and entertainment for you.
Come check this out right quick, and learn what the difference between a United States citizen is on these terms; either Republican party (Elephants) or the Democrat party (Donkeys)
Check out the the motorcycle page here; same song; second verse... It is pretty cool though. You will ride on a Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 and hit almost 222-mph...










The only remaining item from my first truck "Nester", is my 1976 K-20 350-ci engine mounted in my Blazer. This is a 1984 Chevrolet Blazer; the factory 305-ci spun a rod bearing and is junk. If you know the story of the small block, you would know that it is not a proud 'apple pie' moment... I still drive that vehicle today and less roof, hood, and dual filter elements (cheap cold air intake) it got almost 17.3-mpg! But now I just put on 4 new Cooper Discover 265?75R15 tires, and have put the roof on...
1976 Chevrolet K-20 - click here to enlarge this picture.
Banks Power - Since 1958. Personnally, I see that it is the best, period.
Home page of the person who works for this~
C5 and JB's 'Skytracker' Tahoe at Coronado Heights in central Kansas.
How can you not cry, when you know the truth?
No top or doors on my Blazer now, lightens the load around 465-lbs. It makes that 350-ci work easier, and improves the milage. A sad dilema that we are beginning to face. That's a fricking joke...
For information, this cab is not the original 1976 K-20, it is a 2WD 1973 C-10. Don't be fooled, drinking and driving will have you pay someday, quit while you are awake; I rolled and had to switch cabs as you can possible here to enlarge this picture; and the rest of them, except this below and to your right.
Slayer before it's bitchen paint job!
What can I say? She is 'fricking hot!', and is by some bad ass Formula 1 car...and no, I am not putting on the link, it's right there if you want it.
But Who's Buying?
Peace Sells...
Chevrolet Blazer's for sale; cheap!
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American hot rod spirit;
forever be within whomever ; wherever you are from viewer~
last data transmission

This is a custom HD with the Rev.Tech. motor, 5-speed & a BDL system; unfired here...
This was my 1986 Camaro IROC Z28, you can see about my x-GM F-bodies.
Current GMC3500
Mopar Madness
Lowered Titan extended cab.
This is my 1990 BMW 750iL page, it not just 'apple pie'.
Dr. Dre and 'The Chronic' know the 'Six Four...and know the Lord.
Click to see the cheap and effective 'cold air intake'
Do You know Islam? Do you give a fuck? I think you do...
This is the most recent photo. Taken September 1, 2006. The 'Glazer' has 4 new shoes on it; they are Cooper Discovers 265/75R15, no hood, and runs dual airfilters for the 'poors mans version' of a cold air intake system.
This is collection shot of what I have and had...
My 1984 Chevrolet Blazer 4 Sale - - - browser button to return ~